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  • Child Nutrition


About Child Nutrition...

Meal Prices

  FREE for students
  Adults $1.75

  Reduced  $0.40
  Paid         $2.25
  Adults      $3.00

Free & Reduced Meal Applications

Quick & Easy! 
Now you can apply online for free and reduced 
school meals online.  The process is quick, easy and
FREE and in a few short minutes you will be done. 
Since the information you are providing is electronic
we'll be able to review your application faster than ever

Safe & Secure!
Your information is protected using latest and greatest
encryption technology, so you can rest assured that your
personal information is safe.

Go to: www.schoollunchapp.com/

Meal Account Payments

MyPaymentsPlus allows you a convenient,
easy and secure way to make prepayments
using your bank account or your VISA or
Mastercard.  Say goodbye to the hassles of
sending multiple checks to multiple locations for
multiple students. It can all be done with one
payment on MyPaymentsPlus! 

You can also receive low balance emails so you
can keep up with the purchases being made in the

Registration is free and quick

Go to: 

Take a look!
  • Food Pyramid

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What does your child's lunch tray contain?
  • Nutritional Lunch Tray

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