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Library Staff Members
  • Staff

    Welcome to Arlington!


    We are looking forward to so many new events!!

    Check below for more details!




    Shunte Taylor

    Elizabeth Catalano


    P: 228-938-6425

    F: 228-938-6551



    Shunte Taylor

    Library Clerk

    P: 228-938-6425

    F: 228-938-6551


  • Pillars of Character


    Arlington Believes in

     the Pillars of Character


     Image result for pillars of character

  • Dr. Seuss Reading Pledge

    Image result for dr seuss reading pledge 

Strategies to Improve Reading for k-3 students
Library Schedule
Its time to read!!
  • Reading Contest


    There will be a reading competition of classes within their grade

    level by reading the most books. However, not every book read will count.

    Students must pass quizzes and make 90%

    or higher. These books must be on their reading level

    for them to be counted as part of the contest

The PGSD Mission Statement

The Pascagoula School District

will create global educational opportunities

to challenge the mind of every student,

inspiring a passion for learning

and a legacy of innovative thinking

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